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TVGA YouTube: Nearly Twenty Minutes of Hades Gameplay

To go along with celebrating Hades as my Game of the Year, I’ve uploaded some gameplay for you to check out. This sample encompasses the first run while also showing how the story develops and characters are introduced following death. One of the clever… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: Nearly Twenty Minutes of Hades Gameplay”

Hades Was The Best of 2020

When I first picked up a controller to play Hades in April 2020, I knew that I was about to experience something special. I had first discovered this indie masterpiece in late 2019. What immediately attracted to Hades was its art style and vibrance… Continue Reading “Hades Was The Best of 2020”

Reviewers Agree ‘Hades’ is a Fantastic Game

Hades finally made its long-awaited transition from early access to full release this past week and I am absolutely thrilled for Supergiant Games. Now that the 1.0 version of the game is available for purchase, the reviews have been pouring in. I’m ecstatic that… Continue Reading “Reviewers Agree ‘Hades’ is a Fantastic Game”