So I Decided to Enter the World of Deck-Building

I never would have thought that I would get into deck-building/card battle games like Slay the Spire.

One of my goals for 2021 was to open myself up to new gaming experiences and trying a new genre was one way I’ve accomplished it so far. Recently, I’ve decided to embrace the card battle/deck-building genre. The style of games remind me of the mini-games that I used to come across in RPGs except they are actual fully-realized games. Gwent is a game where I saw this come to fruition as one day I received the deck-building title for free on GOG. I remember thinking, “Wasn’t that the card game that you could play with non-playable characters in The Witcher 3?”

Although I haven’t played Gwent, I kept coming across deck-building games such as Slay the Spire and Monster Train. Both games have received glowing reviews. I bought Slay the Spire earlier this year. My expectations were very low as the purchase was more experimental. But the more I played the card battle game and came to appreciate the strategy involved, I was drawn more into it. Studying my enemies, knowing what card is best to play, adding to the deck, and choosing which path to take all were exhilarating. I was surprised to find the game so much fun. Mega Crit Games, the developer of Slay the Spire, succeeded in converting me to this genre. 

Neoverse has a more aesthetically pleasing setting than Slay the Spire that makes it my preferred deck-building game to date.

I then started looking around for other deck-building games to check out and came across Neoverse. What I liked about the game was the premise of saving the world within various timelines. As a time travel geek, it gets me every time. Developed by Tino Games, I found Neoverse just as engaging as Slay the Spire. I preferred Neoverse’s setting more in contrast to the darker look of Slay the Spire. Both games still require a similar strategy in using your cards wisely and expanding your deck with cards that will be useful to you. Out of the two, I would give the nod to Neoverse although if this were a race, it would be a photo finish.

Then there is Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle on the Nintendo Switch, which I feel is the best card battler on the market. There is also an anime associated with this game. Shadowverse was a game that looked interesting to me the moment I read about it. I will admit its anime influence was a significant factor in me giving it a try. Unlike Slay the Spire and Neoverse, it has more of a developed story and characters with school life attached to it. Just like time travel, I really enjoy games that incorporate school/academy life. Like in the Persona games, the more attention you give to nurturing your bonds with your friends, the better you will fare in your card battles. I’m glad I followed my instincts and added this Switch exclusive to my gaming library.

Credit: Cygames
Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is the best card battle game I’ve played to date.

When it comes to card battle games, I’m still very much a rookie. But I’m enjoying the ride so far. This is a genre that I’m open to continue investing in going forward. I feel like a whole another world of gaming has been opened up to me with this genre. These type of games are also great to play when I’m in more of a casual gaming mood. I dig the strategic aspects of deck-builders that are present both in battles and also in putting together a formidable battle deck. If you have any other recommendations, please let me know. Happy Card Gaming.

-LandoRigs (TVGA)

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