Wow! It’s Been a Year Already

So here we are. It’s now officially been a full year since I started this website/blog. This past Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of my first post. I’ve had a lot of fun posting regularly about gaming, trying out some different ideas along the way, and even launching a YouTube channel to boot. This has been the most writing and video-making I’ve done in years. One thing that building and maintaining this site has done has reignited my love for writing and creating content in general. I went through a period as a journalist where writing was no longer enjoyable and after I left that career, it took almost a decade for me to start wanting to do it again. Through The Video Gamer’s Advocate, I’ve found joy in writing again and I hope that has been communicated through all of my posts.

To all of you who have subscribed and been willing to read my posts, I thank you so much. It means a lot to me that what I post has been something you found worthy of your time. My goal with this project from the beginning was for it to be a reflection of me as a gamer in website form. While I’ve studied and observed other blogs and YouTube channels to see what makes them successful, there is one principle that I am holding to with the strongest conviction—–stay true to myself. I’ve recently seen YouTubers that I’ve followed become burnt out and even talk about ending their channels. One of the main reasons is that they got away from what they love and they became too focused on chasing views, clicks, and money. There’s nothing wrong with any of those things as long as they are kept in proper balance. I think it’s wonderful that we live in an era where an online content creator can make a good living. But a content creator who has a creative mind sparked by passion and inspiration must be careful not to fall into the trap of simply utilizing those talents and skills just for money. This is true especially for people who are passionate about what they create and share with the rest of the world.

In honor of reaching the one-year mark, I’ve decided that I will be taking the month of August off. It’ll be a nice way to give myself some mental rest, think and brainstorm on some new ideas, and focus on enjoying some of this summer. After this post, there will be no further posts or YouTube uploads until September. In the meantime, there is a lot of content on here so feel free to read some posts you haven’t before and also check out the YouTube channel. Drop me a line in the comments section to let me know you’ve stopped by the site.

I never ended up starting a podcast or building the YouTube channel precisely to where I wanted within a year, but that’s okay. Those things will come with time and I am willing to be patient and enjoy this journey. After everything I’ve gone through with my health, seeing everything I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year has been a terrific achievement for me. I look forward to what is to come. Again, thanks so much for reading and I’ll return in September. Happy Gaming!


3 Comments on “Wow! It’s Been a Year Already

  1. Congratulations on you 1 year anniversary! You’ve accomplished loads with you blog and YouTube channel and I’m sure your journey is only just beginning. When I started blogging and YouTubing I never imagined it’d lead to so many good things. Like you say, they key is staying true to the stuff you like and what to do . I normally take a bit of a break in August as well, and only do a coupe of posts as a rule that month. Enjoy you summer break! 🙂

    • Thanks man, I really appreciate your comments and being willing to check out my blog and YouTube channel. I enjoy your content as well. Your comic book reviews are very well written and make me want to learn more about some of the characters you spotlight such as Moon Knight. And your videos on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Scarlet Nexus, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart have been very fun to watch.

      • You’re welcome, always enjoy checking out your blog and YouTube Channel as well. I’m a big comic fan and I love writing and chatting about comics. I’ve not been on YouTUbe long but I love video games as well, and I think its a great way to share content and discuss video games. Cheers, and glad you’ve enjoyed the reviews and gameplay videos. 🙂

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