The zombies will come and keep coming in World War Z.

Why are not more people talking about World War Z? Not the movie starring Brad Pitt, but the video game that bears the same name. I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of zombie games, but I’m also not against them either as long as I’m having fun. Shooters are one of my favorite genres in general so I’m up for a zombie gun-happy game from time to time. I’ve been putting some time in with World War Z recently and the game is wildly fun. My thoughts on the game after playing the first two missions will be from the perspective of a single player with three A.I. controlled teammates.

If you have played titles from series such as Left 4 Dead, Killing Room, and Payday, then you should expect to feel right at home with World War Z. Developed by Phosphor Games, the zombie shooter executes a similar co-op format as the previously mentioned games where you and your teammates go against waves of enemies. Left 4 Dead 2 is the game I feel World War Z most closely resembles, except Z contains superior graphics. I enjoy these types of games and also appreciate when the games include an option for CPU controlled allies. Thankfully, World War Z has this covered.

Like the movie, zombies will pile up on each other in order to reach higher areas.

The co-op campaign (that can be played as a single player with three A.I. teammates) will take the player through different locations in New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, and Tokyo. Along the way, you will encounter other characters and, of course, take on waves of zombies. If you think that you are safe because you’re on higher ground, think again. The zombies will pile up to allow their zombie brethren to reach higher areas and attack you. They will reach through windows to get to you. If they are high above you, they will throw themselves to the ground and then get back up to pursue you. The action in this game is frantic and definitely will get your blood pumping. Different difficulty levels are available depending on how big of a challenge you’re looking for.

There is also a Challenge Mode, Horde Mode, and Multiplayer suite for World War Z. I plan to give those a try once I get through the campaign. Look out for a video featuring gameplay from the first mission coming later this month on the TVGA YouTube Channel.

Once you remove those boards and enter the building, the zombies will start coming for you.

I highly recommend this game if you’re a virtual zombie slayer and you’re looking for something to scratch that itch. Playing with other players is also a blast in this game. Because World War Z has been out for a while, you should be able to find it for $30 or less. The Game of the Year Edition with the DLC will run a bit more. I was fortunate to get the base game free during an Epic Games weekly giveaway last year. Yet the game is good enough that I would pay half of a full game’s price for it.

There are multitudes of zombie titles to choose from. Some are open world games with fully realized stories and others are just a zombie-slaying gore fest. World War Z doesn’t seek to be much more than an action romp where you and some friends can take down hordes of zombies. And it does a great job with that premise. If you’re looking for more than that, then games such as Dying Light or Days Gone may be better options.


3 Comments on “WHAT I’M PLAYING: World War Z

    • Let me know how you like it when you do. If you go in with the expectation of action, this game has it in spades. But it isn’t the game that will provide a whole, fleshed out narrative and survival elements like some of the other zombie games. That’s why it reminds me a lot of the Left 4 Dead games.

      • Thanks for all the hints and tips and I’ll be sure to let you know what I think when I get around to playing World War Z, its a game that certainly sounds right up my street.

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