Reddit is One of Gaming’s Best Resources

Reddit is one of my favorite platforms for gaming resources and information.

There is a wealth of information that you can find encompassing many topics on Reddit. The platform is one of my go-to resources when I am searching for information on specific video games, mods, gaming news, and even the best deals on gaming-related purchases. Reddit is truly one of a kind when it comes to the ability to create an online community based on interests. Simply search for the topic you are interested in and a series of communities will pop up in the results that will have various topics that have a good probability of giving you answers and solutions to your inquiries. Because of how beneficial I have found the site to be in my own experience, I wanted to bring some attention to it so you too can find it just as useful.

Some of my favorite subreddits are featured in the links section at the bottom of the main page here with more links to be added as time goes on. It would be impossible to go in-depth on the sheer amount of content that is available on the platform. With that in mind, I will highlight three communities that I visit weekly and also explain why they are very handy.

The GameDeals subreddit keeps me abreast of the best deals in gaming.

I am on the GameDeals subreddit every day. This community page is updated all the time. If there is a video game deal that exists, it will likely be featured as a topic on this page. The information you find here will save you a lot of money. Whenever I’m considering purchasing a specific game, the GameDeals subreddit is one of the first places I check to see if I can score that game for a better price than what is normally advertised.

Another great aspect of the GameDeals subreddit, that you will notice in the screen capture above, is that you will also receive updates on available free games. The weekly free Epic Games and IndieGala giveaways are always listed on the page, as well as other free games that come up such as the current Ratchet & Clank giveaway for Playstation 4/5. With this particular group, I never miss out on a deal or a free game.

Subreddit “gamingsuggestions” helps gamers who want to purchase a game but don’t know which game to buy.

One subreddit that I find fascinating is “gamingsuggestions.” This community is designed for gamers who wish to purchase a particular type of game but aren’t sure which specific game to buy. So a member of the community can make a post regarding the type of game that he/she is looking for and then the other community members will respond with suggestions that fit the description. This type of subreddit allows a prospective buyer to go into a purchase better informed and will likely match the buyer to the correct game.

I have personally scrolled through this subreddit when I wish to find a game within a specific genre that I’m looking to purchase. Reading the responses to a request that is similar to what I’m looking for allows me to consider several options that I can then further research before deciding if I want to acquire one of them. It’s a cool resource, especially if you find the huge library of video games available to be overwhelming and you want to narrow your search.

Subreddit N64WrestlingGames provides information on the old Nintendo 64 wrestling games and current mods.

If you are a fan of the Nintendo 64 wrestling games, then the subreddit N64WrestlingGames is a page that needs to be bookmarked within your web browser. This community covers WCW/nWo World Tour, WCW/nWo Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, Virtual Pro Wrestling 64, Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, and WWF No Mercy in particular. All of these games set the bar very high for 3D wrestling titles that for many gamers still stands the test of time to this day. You’ll find community members sharing videos, information about mods, and all sorts of other relevant content for your consumption. This is a tremendous resource for old-school wrestling game fans.

Those are just a few of the subreddits that I frequent. There are also many that I visit that have nothing to do with video games. I find the subreddits to be valuable resources that allow users to share information without the headaches involved in other social media. What are some subreddits that you have benefited from?


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