I’ve Reached 100 Posts

It is surreal that this post marks the 100th time that something has been published on this site. This is an accomplishment that means the world to me because not only have I enjoyed using this platform to indulge my interest in video gaming, but this has also served as something that I’ve been able to maintain and grow over time despite the many health setbacks that I’ve had over the past several years. It’s been a long time since I’ve written this much this often. I’m not trying to come off corny, but it feels really good.

My life changed when I was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 32 in 2012. I spent several years on dialysis and quit my job as a journalist because I no longer had the capacity or desire to write. There were some ideas that I had for books but I couldn’t focus enough to turn those ideas into anything substantial. In 2017, I decided to return to school and started an online program in organizational psychology. I was over halfway done before my time to receive a kidney transplant came in the summer of 2018. Because I had heard so many wonderful post-transplant stories, I thought it would be the case for me. But things went a bit differently for me. A couple of months after my transplant, I ended up getting a virus that led to multiple lengthy hospital stays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day were all spent in a hospital bed that year. A few months later, I felt really ill and had to undergo a major surgery. Then the site of my surgery wouldn’t heal for months. From there, I had a series of infections that wouldn’t go away. 2019 was a nightmare year. My dad and uncle also passed away amid everything that was going on.

Things got better in 2020 and I finally began to steadily improve. That’s when I brainstormed the idea of doing a video game blog that became what you currently see. I want to thank each and every one of you who have visited the blog, subscribed to it, liked a post, and made comments since the blog has been live. It means so much and my goal is to continue providing content that celebrates the joy of gaming and is helpful to the gaming community.

What’s next on the horizon for The Video Gamer’s Advocate? After launching the TVGA YouTube Channel two months ago, my next endeavor will be a podcast. Currently, I have no timetable, name, or any other information than that a podcast is the next step that I want to take. Between the blog, YouTube, and a podcast, it would provide content for people to read, watch, and listen to. Some people would rather listen to something than read it. Others prefer a more visual consumption of video game related content. I’m just looking to cover as many bases as I can because we all have different preferences in how we consume information.

Prayers, good thoughts, my awesome family, and the providence of God have me here today after everything that I’ve gone through. My health challenges are far from over but I’ve learned to live with it and do what I can with what I have each day. Some days I feel energized. Other days, it’s a struggle. But I love gaming and I hope that has come across loud and clear through each of my posts.

Thanks again for visiting. 100 is just the beginning folks. Happy gaming!


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