College Football Revamped is a Modding Showcase

Photo Credit – @CFBRevamped
College Football Revamped is an overhaul modification of NCAA Football 14 that you need to see to believe.

Unbelievable. That is the word that comes to mind when I think about the exceptional work that the team behind College Football Revamped did. College Football Revamped is probably best described as a full conversion modification of EA Sport’s NCAA Football 14, the last college football video game to ever be released. Well, as usual, that doesn’t stop the gaming community from coming up with ways to take something that has been left for dead by developers and give it a chance at longer life. For years, NCAA Football 14 was updated each year by different roster creators to coincide with the current season of real NCAA Football. These rosters can be found mainly on Operation Sports. But what College Football Revamped brings to the table is surreal.

I’ve been a sports gamer for most, if not all of my gaming pilgrimage. That is one genre that has never changed for me. I own NCAA Football 14 on the Xbox 360 and play with various rosters from time-to-time. For me, NCAA Football 14 is the last great football game by EA Sports. The ESPN presentation is nicely done and the gameplay is very solid. Because of the different stadiums in the game, it’s easy to set up Bowl Games even in Exhibition mode. And for some reason, it seemed that EA Sports brought more depth and innovation to the Dynasty Mode in its college football games than the Franchise Mode in its Madden NFL games.

Photo Credit – Operation Sports
From the moment you boot up College Football Revamped, it will look like a whole new game.

Because of the fantastic support for the game by roster creators, I was content simply playing NCAA Football 14 as it was. But when I first discovered the work-in-progress of College Football Revamped several months ago, I was blown away. We’re talking, not only just roster updates, but also updates to the uniforms, helmets, in-game content, and now even the menus. Team fields have also been updated, along with logos, accessories such as gloves, and much more.

Look closely at the comparison above. The stadium has much more detail. The play selection menu looks slicker. The score bug looks more modern. It may not seem like it’s a big deal from just looking at the photos, but when you actually play the game I guarantee you will feel the difference. I personally haven’t tried this mod myself, but I am pointing this out based on my previous experiences with sports mods in games such as NBA 2K14, NBA 2K20, and MVP Baseball 2005.

Photo Credit – @CFBRevamped
Try College Football Revamped today if you are a fan of college football games and you have a PC, Xbox 360, or a PS3.

College Football Revamped is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. There is an entire setup process you will have to undertake to get the mod working. Check out this Reddit. Also, if you are playing the mod on a PS3 or Xbox 360, your system needs to be able to play game backups. The PC version is played using the RPCS3 Emulator. You will need to have a legitimate PS3 copy of the game, either a disc version or digital Playstation Network version, in order to use the mod. The key difference with the PC version is that it allows College Football Revamped to be rendered in 4K.

Congratulations to the College Football Revamped team for the outstanding mod and all of the effort it took to get to this point. Projects such as this are a reason why I love the modding community. From what I gathered, the team will continue working on the mod and release more updates in the future. But has already been released to this point is phenomenal.

For more information on College Football Revamped, visit these links:


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