Taking Advantage of Some Good Deals

I purchased Ancestor’s Legacy for just $1 during a recent sale at Fanatical.com.

One of the things I love about PC gaming is that I always find really good deals. I utilize Game Deals Reddit all the time and the websites that they suggest such as Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, and GamersGate have ongoing sales throughout the year. This is on top of what you’ll find on platforms such as Steam, GOG, Epic Games, Ubisoft Connect, and Blizzard. Visit the “Game Deals” section in the menu above and you’ll be able to find some good deals at any time.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve purchased some new games and wanted to share some of the best deals I found at the time. Vambrace: Cold Soul is a game I spent some time with on Xbox Game Pass (PC) and had wanted to purchase, but paying $15-20 was too steep for the game that it is. Last Friday, I saw that it was just $7.49 when I logged into Game Pass and bought it immediately. From there, I went on Fanatical and bought Ancestors Legacy for $1, as well as Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition for $3.99 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for $5.79. I also found some “3 for $2.99” deals that landed me games I had always wanted to try such as Rogue Stormers, Tempest, Dirt 4, Lichtdom: Battlemage, Thunder Wolves, and Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

With games that I’ve wanted to play at very low prices, I decided to add to my Steam collection.

Steam had a pretty good sale going on throughout most of October and I decided to get in on the action at the end of the month. Deus Ex is a series that I’ve wanted to explore for over a decade so when I saw that the entire series was just over $10, I was all over it. I bought Grim Dawn and Titan Quest because they were highly regarded action role-playing (RPG) games. The idea of a turn-based zombie RPG intrigued me enough to buy Dead Age and with Steam Workshop support, I wanted to see just how silly and creative I could get with Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. My total purchase on Steam was $27.

It is easier to build a library on PC than on any other gaming platform. With so many game clients, so many places to purchase games online, and the constant sales, games are pretty affordable. That’s not even counting the number of games that have been given away for free this year. Epic Games and IndieGala have been regularly giving away free games weekly throughout the year with sprinklings from Steam, GOG, and Ubisoft Connect.

Through GameStop sales on Xbox 360 games, I’ve added more than 20 games to my library this year.

If you own an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, you’ll find loads of inexpensive games at GameStop. The Xbox 360/PS3 is an older generation but not too old to be considered classic. As a result, this is a perfect time to take advantage of the lower prices you’ll find attached to their games. There are plenty of fantastic games from every genre that will keep you occupied for quite some time. Many games are under $10.

As we approach the holiday season, there will be even bigger sales to come before the end of the year. What are some good deals that you’ve come across recently that were too good to pass up?


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