Don’t Sleep on FREE FPS Games

Renegade-X is a fantasticly free tactical shooter based in the Command & Conquer universe.

First-person/third-person shooting games represent one of my favorite genres in video gaming. Even though the games mostly follow the same formula with some changes here and there, it doesn’t take away how fun these games are for me. Having been a gamer for more than three decades, it becomes harder to find games that are truly unique from the interior to the exterior. Yet with first-person shooters, I don’t seem to tire of the action they provide.

I have a large collection within this genre and I enjoy the variety. The games range from post-apocalyptic and historical wars to thevsupernatural and outer space. Whether it’s Call of Duty, Arma 3, Doom, Halo, Titanfall 2, Gears of War, or Unreal Tournament 2004, I have a blast every time. I also have many independent titles within the genre that include Ravenfield, Angels Fall First, Insurgency, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Tannenburg, etc. But what I will present to you in this post aren’t games that have a cost but ones that you can download right now for free. 

We live in a time where is much more free video gaming content than ever before. While Epic Games and Steam have been amazing resources throughout the year for acquiring top quality free games, there are other resources that will also yield a treasure of free games. You can always use the link menu above under the “FREE GAMES” section to either get some recommendation or visit links to websites that house some good free titles. But for first and third-person shooting fans, here are some PC games that won’t cost you anything but a few clicks. Please note that the majority of this list includes games you can play both solo and with other players.

Forgotten Hope 2 is a free standalone mod for Battlefield 2 that focuses on World War II.


Team Fortress 2 –
Counter-Strike Global Offensive –
Quake Champions –
Unreal Tournament –
No One Lives Forever –
Fistful of Frags –
Pirates, Vikings & Knights:
Red Eclipse 2 –
Warfork –
Assault Cube –
The Dark Mod –
OpenArena –
Smokin’ Guns –
Tribes 2 –
Tribes Vengeance –
Xonotic –
Urban Terror –
Warsow –
Unfortunate Spacemen –
Black Squad –
Unvanquished –
Alien Arena –
Sauebraten –
America’s Army: Proving Grounds –
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory –
Enemy Territory Quake Wars –
Enemy Territory Legacy –
Brink –
Codename CURE –
Double Action: Boogaloo –
Renegade X –
Soldier of Fortune Community Edition –
Forgotten Hope 2 –
Project Reality –

The recently released Rogue Company is free-to-play on multiple systems with gameplay inspired by Counter-Strike.


Call of Duty Warzone –
Fortnite –
Rogue Company –
Paladins –
Warframe –
Destiny 2 –
War Thunder –


Modern Combat 5 –
Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival –
Dead Effect 2 –
Forward Assault –
Bullet Force –
Dead Trigger –
Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale –

Hopefully, this list will whet your appetite. Feel free to bookmark the page for future reference. Whether you prefer to play against just the A.I. or with other players, there should be plenty to keep you busy without spending a penny. If you do some more searching, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find tons of other free shooters that you can download and play.

If you have some other suggestions that you think would go well with this list, feel free to send them to me at This list can certainly be updated over time. Happy free gaming.


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