Call of Duty is a Gigabyte Guzzler

PC Gamer notes the excessive amount of hard drive space needed to play Modern Warfare.

I really didn’t plan for this to happen but barely a day after I uploaded Thursday’s post, I came across this article by PC Gamer talking about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s excessive use of hard drive space with its constant updates. I have the game on Playstation 4 and from what I know, the game size has began to shrink over time. This is not the case on the PC platform.

What the PC Gamer article touches on is what I believe is one of the biggest problems in gaming today: updates wrecking havoc on our hard drive capacity. I can remember the days that memory cards were used on the first Playstation in order to hold save data from games. Heck, I remember save data being stored right on the cartridge. But today, we have graduated all the way to having to purchase external hard drives to hold our game data when we run out of space on our system hard drives. It is uncanny just how much space is now needed for gaming.

Now don’t get me wrong, the latest Call of Duty is a gorgeous game but does one game really need to be 200 gigabytes (GB) or more? If you have a 500 GB system, that means that Call of Duty is on pace to take up half of the memory space on your system by itself. It’s ridiculous even though I do understand how these types of things do help with video game accessory sales because many people may be purchasing an external hard drive just to store their Call of Duty data. We always have to keep in mind that the video game industry is driven by companies that want to make money. But honestly, does any game need to take up that much space within this PS4/Xbox One generation of gaming?

Anyways, just a short post for the weekend and I believe the PC Gamer article is well worth a read. Also, here is a LINK to Thursday’s post that was referenced in the first paragraph. Happy weekend gaming.


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