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Wait a Minute…This is not my Destiny

Last year, I decided to try out Destiny 2 for the first time. I had dabbled a bit in the original Destiny on the Xbox One years ago, but quickly lost interest in the live service looter shooter. My conclusion was that those types… Continue Reading “Wait a Minute…This is not my Destiny”

Gaming Sales Still Booming in Midst of Pandemic

Even being in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting to a different way of life has not slowed the video game industry in the United States. According to the latest financial report by The NPD Group, video game spending totaled $4.3 billion… Continue Reading “Gaming Sales Still Booming in Midst of Pandemic”

Complain Culture is Real in Video Gaming

I hate to say it but for some gamers, nothing will ever be good enough. Rather than really search for games that will lead to their enjoyment, they continually invest in games and products that lead to a strong sense of dissatisfaction. They will… Continue Reading “Complain Culture is Real in Video Gaming”