Month: September 2021

So I Decided to Enter the World of Deck-Building

One of my goals for 2021 was to open myself up to new gaming experiences and trying a new genre was one way I’ve accomplished it so far. Recently, I’ve decided to embrace the card battle/deck-building genre. The style of games remind me of… Continue Reading “So I Decided to Enter the World of Deck-Building”

The Time of Year For the Biggest Releases

As we enter into the fall season, I’m reminded about how I have historically spent the most money towards gaming between September and January of each year. The publishers typically release some of the best games of the year during this stretch. And there… Continue Reading “The Time of Year For the Biggest Releases”

IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Direct Thoughts

Just weeks after the excellent PlayStation Showcase, it was finally time for Nintendo to provide its own display of upcoming games, downloadable content, and other expansions on Thursday through its Nintendo Direct. If you have not seen it, feel free to click on the… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Direct Thoughts”

When Mortal Kombat Came Home

Can you believe that the release of the first Mortal Kombat for home consoles took place in September 1993? That was also 28 years ago. The early 90s was an interesting era for video games as popular arcade games were being released on home… Continue Reading “When Mortal Kombat Came Home”

“Repetitive” Means Different Things to Different Gamers

Having played video games for as long as I have, there is no doubt that I encounter the sentiment that “I’ve done this before.” I’ve gone through many turn-based battles, battled on a ton of multiplayer maps, traversed many dungeons, explored open worlds, taken… Continue Reading ““Repetitive” Means Different Things to Different Gamers”