Month: September 2021

“Repetitive” Means Different Things to Different Gamers

Having played video games for as long as I have, there is no doubt that I encounter the sentiment that “I’ve done this before.” I’ve gone through many turn-based battles, battled on a ton of multiplayer maps, traversed many dungeons, explored open worlds, taken… Continue Reading ““Repetitive” Means Different Things to Different Gamers”

IN THE NEWS: PlayStation Showcase Thoughts

Greetings everyone. I’m about a week and a few days late, but I did want to acknowledge the PlayStation Showcase that took place on September 9 and some of the big news that came out of that event. Overall, I felt that this was… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: PlayStation Showcase Thoughts”

Why Scarlet Nexus & Hitman 3 Lead the Pack for My GOTY

From the moment I saw it, I had a hunch that Scarlet Nexus was going to be a great game. The whole idea of battles using psycho-kinesis within an anime-like world with a cool story to boot sounded like a winner from the start. Scarlet Nexus… Continue Reading “Why Scarlet Nexus & Hitman 3 Lead the Pack for My GOTY”

Celebrating Some Cool Milestones Reached Over the Weekend

Today’s post is more of a short update. I just wanted to inform all of you of some cool milestones that both this blog and YouTube channel reached on Saturday. The “IN THE NEWS” post two days ago marked the 200th post on the… Continue Reading “Celebrating Some Cool Milestones Reached Over the Weekend”

IN THE NEWS: The Best Sports Mod Ever Created is Back

Yes! Yes! Yes! After a hiatus, the best sports mod in PC gaming is back as HAWK23 made his return online and re-uploaded his fantastic Ultimate Base Roster (UBR) mod for NBA 2K14. It was unfortunate that I had to point several people towards… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: The Best Sports Mod Ever Created is Back”