Month: June 2021

IN THE NEWS: Bots Are Coming Back to Battlefield

The bots are returning to the Battlefield series. I repeat…the bots are returning to the Battlefield series. EA DICE revealed Battlefield 2042 this week as the series will move from the periods of the two World Wars into the not-so-distant future. When it is… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Bots Are Coming Back to Battlefield”

The Best Interactive Narrative I’ve Played

Ever since I’ve played Maniac Mansion on the Nintendo Entertainment System, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for point & click/interactive video games. Games like Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders, Loom, Kings Quest, Police Quest IV, and the Monkey Island… Continue Reading “The Best Interactive Narrative I’ve Played”

The First Zombies Game I Loved

I respect the Resident Evil series a great deal. Even though, I could never finish one game in the series, the story and lore of Resident Evil always fascinated me. But before the first Resident Evil became a reality on the original PlayStation, there… Continue Reading “The First Zombies Game I Loved”

Free Shoot-Em-Up Games to Play

Normally this post would feature something from the week of gaming news. But it has been a while since I posted on a free resource so I felt it was a perfect time to do so. The above video by Shmup Junkie was something… Continue Reading “Free Shoot-Em-Up Games to Play”

Last Epoch: An Endorsement For Early Access Gaming

I’m a time travel geek. If that theme is in a book, movie, television show, anime, or video game; then I’m interested. That is the reason why Back to the Future is my favorite movie trilogy, Steins Gate is my favorite anime, and the… Continue Reading “Last Epoch: An Endorsement For Early Access Gaming”