Month: April 2021

Sticking Up for My Fellow Gamers

There are many instances that I come across where gamers and video games in general get a bad rap. Much of it can be attributed to stereotypes, misconceptions, and ignorance about what video games are about and the interactive entertainment that they provide. I… Continue Reading “Sticking Up for My Fellow Gamers”

The Video Game Sports Spectacular!

It wasn’t just the competition of sports that captured my imagination as a youth. The whole presentation was something I found intriguing from the announcers and the camera shots to the theme music and the score graphics. Just like WWF wrestling, I found television… Continue Reading “The Video Game Sports Spectacular!”

IN THE NEWS: Sony Reverses Decision on PS3/Vita Stores

Never forget that we all have a voice as gamers. This is not to say that every thing we raise our voices on will be addressed. But in some cases, the voices of the gaming public will be heard. Take the case of PlayStation… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Sony Reverses Decision on PS3/Vita Stores”

The Best of Video Game Wrestling Vol. 1

Hey everyone. I’ve been recently messing around with the video editor and decided to do something a little more creative with this week’s wrestling game video. Wednesday is typically wrestling game day on the YouTube channel but rather than just doing one match, I… Continue Reading “The Best of Video Game Wrestling Vol. 1”

Video Game Characters That Have Inspired Me

With all of the video games that I’ve played over the years, I’ve come across a lot of characters. All sorts of protagonists, antagonists, and sorts of characters in between have graced my television screen and arcade monitors at one point or another. Many… Continue Reading “Video Game Characters That Have Inspired Me”