Month: August 2020

Negative Madden Football Reputation is Well Earned

The above user scores of Metacritic captured on Friday evening represent a week that has been a public relations nightmare for Electronic Arts (EA). With the release of Madden NFL 21, the latest entry in the company’s biggest annual franchise, the amount of negative… Continue Reading “Negative Madden Football Reputation is Well Earned”

The Phenomenon Known as Fall Guys

Released earlier this month, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has emerged as one of the most popular games of 2020. The concept of the online multiplayer elimination game is very simple: Be the last of 60 contestants to survive multiple rounds of action to claim… Continue Reading “The Phenomenon Known as Fall Guys”

A Simple Rule: Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It

When it comes to the relationships between the seller and the consumer, we too many times often forget that as consumers, we have a great deal more power than we would actually consider. How many times do we see consumers repeatedly voicing their complaints… Continue Reading “A Simple Rule: Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It”

TVGA REVIEW: Final Fantasy VII Remake

There are video game review sites that gave Final Fantasy VII: Remake a perfect score. While I wouldn’t go that far, there is little doubt that Final Fantasy VII Remake is a great game. Having played it from start to finish, I found it… Continue Reading “TVGA REVIEW: Final Fantasy VII Remake”

What You’re Getting Into With ‘Early Access’

It seems like we are so far removed from the era of video games being released as complete packages in themselves. I can remember growing up during an age of gaming when there was no such thing as Downloadable Content (DLC), patches, betas, alphas… Continue Reading “What You’re Getting Into With ‘Early Access’”